Driving safely with low risk is a skill set that is acquired with driver training and with a certain mental framework that makes the application feasible in practice. Lets consider the application of safe driving when approaching a hazard such as an intersection. What driving system is sustainable and practical on busy Melbourne roads? When should I plan to consider preparing for potential evasive action to avoid a possible collision? Can I just rely on the Road rules to keep me and other road users safe including pedestrians? Do I properly understand what is required by law to approach a particular intersection with the lowest risk of collision ? It can become a minefield of questions and decisions one must be prepared for as best as possible. To be able to reassess any scenario on the road in such a way as to gain the best possible outcome is essentially what every driver should strive to do. Detecting and understanding drivers intentions is also a skill drivers need to properly observe and quickly assess to help with low risk driving. Driver training and experience is essential as well as the upmost  importance of someones low risk driving mindset.