Alex Vouvaris

Driver Trainer/Assessor, Manager & Owner of Driving Zone

Vehicle: Mazda 3 Hatch 2017

Transmission: Automatic

VicRoads: Carlton/ Heatherton /Werribee

Alex has been a driver trainer/assessor since 2003 and has diversified within the industry training learner drivers, probationary drivers, fully licenced drivers and overseas licence holders. He also delivers driver education programs within high schools, some of which are Emmanuel College, Aitken College, Emerson School and many more. He is a qualified Assessor (TAE accredited) and is registered for Keys2Drive lessons. Alex also conducts defensive driving courses and has been a  Trainer for the driving instructor course for many years (course code TLI). Focusing on teaching safe driving skills and conveying a good understanding of the Victorian Road Rules to all his students, not simply training to just pass the VicRoads driving test. Alex is passionate about the industry, patient and friendly. Coming from a long line of driving instructors within his family specifically his father (Zeta driving school, Melbourne based  from 1970) and two of his uncles( Delta driving school Middle Park and Jame’s driving school Port Melbourne), Alex has a culmination of extensive driver training knowledge from his own training experience and from his closest family members. Proud member and supporter of the Australian Driver Training Association, Alex is always striving to better the driver training industry and progress with the latest training methods and techniques to give all his students the edge they need to tackle our busy Melbourne roads with confidence.


Bill Ziskos


Manager & Owner of Driving Zone, Driver Trainer

Vehicle: Toyota Yaris 2017

Transmission: Automatic

Vic Roads: Carlton / Heatherton

With one of Melbourne’s most recognised and respected names in the Driving School Industry. Bill has been teaching around the Carlton and Heatherton areas in Melbourne since 2003. He is highly experienced and passionate about teaching learner’s the correct way to drive and how to handle themselves safely on our busy Melbourne roads.
Bill is a qualified driving instructor with the latest driver training assessment qualifications (Certificate IV Accreditation). He has undergone Police and medical checks and holds a working with children identification card.

The one thing he stands by is that learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience. From the moment you step into his vehicle, you can be assured that you will learn to drive in a relaxed and safe environment.

Patience is what he prides himself on and more importantly the safety of his student’s at all times behind the wheel. His objective is to give his students the skills to be a confident, accomplished, safe driver for life.

He is part of the Melbourne City Mission L2P Program, which is an innovative community based program developed to provide assistance to young people, who face significant barriers in completing their 120 hours of on-road driving experience. The program is funded by TAC and administered through Vic Roads. This has been a highly fulfilling role that has elevated his teaching skills and has also taught him valuable life lessons.

Bill is a charismatic character with a warm and friendly nature. He balances his work and home life effortlessly as both help him to feel fulfilled and accomplished.
He is a dad to two beautiful young girls and when he is not teaching, he is active with his children. He is an avid supporter of the Carlton football club and he rarely misses a game.
You will always, be greeted with a smile by Bill. His years of experience are evident as you cruise through the streets of Melbourne, checking your mirrors and handling the roads.


James Grigoropoulos

                     Driver Trainer at Driving Zone

Vehicle: Toyota Yaris 2014

Transmission: Manual

Vic Roads: Carlton / Heatherton / Burwood East

James was an accountant, looking to challenge himself in different ways he joined the driving instructor profession. He joined the Driving Zone team back in 2014 and since then he has been a dedicated teacher who enjoys the teaching role.
James is a manual instructor servicing the Melbourne bayside and Melbourne inner city areas. He is a highly experienced instructor who trains learner drivers to get their licence and drivers who hold a licence but need or want to learn to drive manual.
James is a qualified driving instructor with the latest driver training assessment qualifications (Certificate IV Accreditation). He has undergone Police and medical checks and holds a working with children identification card.

Being a very patient person, he provides a calm learning environment for his students. He also enjoys making lessons interesting for his students.
He believes that patient, experienced driving instructors offer a better and more comfortable learning experience for learner drivers. He also believes drivers develop bad habits over the years. So it’s better that learner drivers are trained by driver trainers in correct practices instead of learning bad habits from other drivers.
His real satisfaction comes from seeing students smile as it all comes together for them. Like when they get the hang of the clutch and changing gears and as they succeed in their journey to become a safe, capable and confident driver.
James is passionate about teaching safe driving skills for life and not just skills to pass the test.



Graeme Kolmus

                   Driver Trainer at Driving Zone

Vehicle: Holden Barina 2012

Transmission: Automatic

VicRoads: Carlton/ Heatherton

Graeme is a fantastic instructor who is very enthusiastic, inviting, caring and a true professional in every way. He prides himself in providing the best possible service for all his clients beginning from always having a clean and tidy vehicle to enhance the learning experience and to make sure his students understand and respect the dangers that cars can provide on our roads. He loves prepping students for the driving test and is always provides further training which is combined in his lessons to deliver the safe driving concept to all students. Holding a remarkable pass rate in the Carlton and Heatherton testing grounds, Graeme is always willing to take on the challenge with all of his students, as mentioned in all of his fantastic reviews he gets for his training. We just couldn’t imagine of anyone better than Graeme when thinking driver training. Holding a background as a long time truck driver, Graeme’s strives to pass on the skills and knowledge he has gained over the many years as a truck driver to his students expressing the imminent dangers on the roads drivers have to face all of the time.



Shei Vadjdi


Driver Trainer at Driving Zone

Vehicle: Hyundai Accent Hatchback 2016

Transmission: Automatic

Vic Roads: Werribee/Deer Park/Carlton/Essendon Fields/Heatherton

Shei teaches in an automatic car servicing the Western suburb and inner city suburbs of Melbourne. She has a background in social work making her a very patient, understanding and caring trainer.

Shei is a qualified driving instructor with the latest driver training qualifications (Certificate IV Accreditation). She has undergone Police and medical checks and holds a working with children identification card. She loves teaching learner drivers to drive safely on busy Melbourne roads and loves to get them prepared and ready to sit and pass their driving tests. She is in an expert in Overseas Licence holder conversions to a Victorian licence. Enjoys delivering refresher lessons to drivers needing to brush up their skills with providing a warm and comfortable environment in her vehicle.

For Shei, being a driving instructor is extremely rewarding as she can assist people, particularly young people, achieve a vital step towards their independence and passing their driving test and obtaining a Victorian driver’s licence. Her strength is to help students overcome their anxieties and fears and finds it extremely satisfying to have visible results for her efforts. She wants to make sure her students are thoroughly prepared for the driving test and that they are skilled and capable with the right attitudes as future road users.
She is an extremely patient person who will use all her abilities to provide a learning environment where her students feel calm and relaxed to develop their driving skills and attitudes.
Shei has an excellent first time pass rate and has built a strong reputation in the Western suburb and inner city areas.
Her students like to describe her as friendly, knowledgeable, caring and reliable.



Chris Lamb


Driver Trainer at Driving Zone

Vehicle: Toyota Yaris 2013

Transmission: Automatic

Vic Roads: Carlton / Burwood East/ Mulgrave / Box Hill

Chris has been teaching around the Carlton and Burwood East testing area since 2005. He has a very high success rate with his students and has been able to build a great relationship with them and their parents.

His primary concern is to develop safe and confident drivers. Therefor his teaching methods are reared towards all students being equipped with skills required to drive their cars safely during the years ahead. He enjoys using his skills and training to put new Drivers at ease, assist Young Drivers with Log Books, CBD driving including Hook Turns, teach Safe Driving Skills, Refresh skills of licenced drivers, encourage extra Supervised Driving and teach Hazard Awareness skills while teaching with professionalism throughout the learning journey.

Even though he really enjoys the teaching and driving experience, he thinks meeting new people and sharing driving knowledge with them is what keeps him engaged and excited.
He absolutely loves the rewarding experience of assisting drivers at varying stages of their driving journey and he gets excited out of watching students gain confidence and independence in their driving.


David Rakhlin

Driver Trainer at Driving Zone

Vehicle: Toyota Corolla 2018

Transmission: Automatic

Vic Roads: Carlton / Heatherton

David is an impeccable professional with the highest in driver training standards. David is an expert with beginners right through to more experienced drivers. He delivers training around the City of Port Phillip and Stonnington  suburbs. David is sought after with clients because of his patience, knowledge, experience and great attitude to teaching. He loves preparing his students for driving tests and works the Carlton and Heatherton Vicroads centres.

He has a passion for the industry and always looks forward to meeting new people and teaching them how to drive. He aims for students to get the most out of the training he has with them not only preparing them for the driving test but also for the difficulties of driving solo once they get their licence.

A great asset to our school with fantastic testimonials and reviews on Google/Face Book, he is definitely a great trainer to have by your side throughout your learner training or overseas licence conversion journey.


Phillip Vasiliades

Driver Trainer at Driving Zone


Transmission: Automatic

Vic Roads: Burwood East/Carlton/Dandenong/Mulgrave/Ringwood/ Box Hill

Phillip is a patient, reliable and knowledgeable driver trainer with great testimonials from his clients spanning from all VicRoads stations he covers.

He loves teaching and helping learner drivers to drive safely and ass their test also loves teaching probationary and fully licenced drivers looking to learn or refresh their driving skills. He is an expert with Overseas Licence holders  looking to get driving experience in Melbourne and those looking to convert their overseas Licence to a Victorian one.

Phillip is an expert trainer on Melbourne’s busy roads, easy to understand and simplifies his training to suit everyone’s needs when learning how to drive. His experience with driving cars and vans and Medium and Heavy rigid trucks on Melbourne roads gives learner drivers an unparalleled view of blind spots in and around the vehicle along with safe driving skills that are crucial elements all drivers should gain before driving solo.  He provides a great source of knowledge when it comes to the Victorian road rules and is an expert on the Vicroads driving test criteria to make sure all of his students are well prepared to pass the Vicroads drive test.

A fantastic instructor who loves teaching.


Rose Raghad

Driver Trainer at Driving Zone


Transmission: Automatic

Vic Roads: Burwood East/Carlton/Mulgrave/Ringwood/ Box Hill / Heatherton/ Kew

An instructor with passion, enthusiasm and patience to make every client feel comfortable and confident with the most up to date Vicroads testing advise and information on drive test criteria. Rose loves to train learners, overseas licence holders and fully licenced drivers. Rose is a qualified driving instructor with the latest driver training qualifications (Certificate IV Accreditation). She has undergone Police and medical checks and holds a working with children identification card. She is a true believer in providing excellent driver training and skills for life, passing on safe driving skills that will keep all her clients safe well beyond the lessons and drive test. With a constant flow of referrals and 5 star reviews, Rose is a true professional.

Covering the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and 7 testing areas, she is a very busy instructor with a wealth of knowledge. All her students are trained utilising the latest and most established and safe training techniques and sequences that all drivers can follow with ease.

Overall Rose is of the highest quality instructor and she is loved by all.


Harvey Bararia

Driver Trainer at Driving Zone

Vehicle: 2020 Toyota Rav4

Transmission: Automatic

Vic Roads: Burwood East/Carlton/Mulgrave/Ringwood/ Box Hill / Heatherton/ Kew

A fully qualified , passionate and driven driving instructor, Harvey is committed to getting the job done with all of his students. He is an expert when it comes to passing the Vicroads drive test. Harvey is passionate about safe driving behaviour on our roads and is always striving to get his students to becoming confident and safe road users. With many reviews from his happy students, Harvey is very empathetic to his clients needs and wants and is always trying to help as much as he can to fit his clients into his busy schedule. He is friendly, calm, easy going and highly skilled when it comes to professional driver training, Holding a Certificate IV Accreditation Harvey is a true professional in the driver training industry.

Harvey is simply a great instructor that is caring, professional and driven.