Driving Zone offers a great Student Driver Education program for High Schools. Students from year level 10 and above can participate in our program. Our high school programs have been very successful, with students finding our programs very beneficial and informative. Students attending our programs can be non learner permit holders planning to get their learners permit or already hold a learner permit.

The program involves theory and practical elements. The training syllabus largely covers the Road to Solo Driving learner permit handbook in further detail.

The four sections covered are:

-The challenges of driving

-Learning to drive

-Managing risk

-Rules and responsibilities

Students also interact with road law questionnaires and diagrams they must complete during class.

The practical parts are attempting the learner permit test on computers under the instructors supervision and a training day with instructors and dual control vehicles in a closed private area usually somewhere within or nearby the school.

Driving Zone also conducts more advanced driver education programs which cover in more detail safe driving skills using visual aids such as power point slides with important defensive driving information and related videos highlighting pre-drive and on road driving elements which young drivers must be aware of for the overall development of safe driving and the achievement of zero harm during the dangerous period of P plate driving.









Above: Alex delivering the driver ed program to high school students.

Here are some of the topics covered in this program:

Petrol – do you have sufficient fuel to reach destination on time?

Oil – engine oil, transmission/clutch fluid, power steering oil, brake fluid

Water – radiator, battery levels, washer bottles, windscreen

Damage – checking for damage or defects around the car

Electrics – headlights, taillights, brake lights, indicators, hazard lights

Rubber – fan belt, hoses, wiper blade, mud flaps, tyres

VISUAL (sight)

AUDITORY (sound)

PHYSICAL (doing)

COGNITIVE (thinking)

Alcohol, Drugs, Medicine and Driving

Our program touches on other important issues such as driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and its many dangerous effects on driving and the legalities linked to it. Videos and graphs including statistics of crashes etc. are shown to the students and are discussed afterwards.

Road to Solo Driving

This program also talks about students getting their learner permits and how to go about it, including the test criteria, how to study for the test, how to practice the test and legalities of holding the learner permit as road law states.

This driver ed program is for year 10 students, and does not require them to hold a learner permit.  The theory part of it would be 90 min in class and the practical driving part of it would usually start in the morning and finish after lunch. The theory and practical drive are usually completed on two separate days.
Affordable group driver training for high school students

Driving Zone provides great high school class group driving courses for students who hold a learner permit. We can provide on road training in groups of 3 in an instructors car with dual controls for safety, rotating the drivers throughout the lessons. This can be more cost effective for families to get professional lessons for their kids and is also a great experience for young drivers to learn from each others mistakes under instructor’s supervision.

For more information about these great pre and post learner driver education programs for high school students please call (03) 9682 8288 and ask to speak to Alex or email to [email protected] and we will send out our information packs to you or even come to see you in person at your school.