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The Victorian Government made it mandatory in October 2019 that all Overseas Licence Holders who live and/or work in Victoria and are driving here must convert to a Victorian drivers licence within 6 months after moving to the state. If this is not carried out, the driver will be unlicenced and unable to drive.
When this was put into law, existing drivers were given 6 months to convert their driving licence to a Victorian. This deadline is the end of April 2020.
VicRoads are already experiencing a surge of drivers from overseas who are wanting to book a date and time to convert their licence, leading to a long waiting list and redirections to VicRoads offices further away.
Depending on the individual situation, a driver from overseas wanting to convert to a Victorian drivers licence may be required to undertake the VicRoads tests which include the road law knowledge test, the hazard perception test and the drive test.
VicRoads recognises driving licences from different countries, and existing driving experience from others, so it is important to check if you may be required to undertake the tests or simply convert your licence. To find out, visit this link:

If you need to take a Drive Test
Undertaking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor gives you the best chance of assessing your knowledge and skills, and performing practice drive tests in preparation for the real test. Driving Zone instructors have valuable knowledge of where drive tests are conducted and what the tests consist of, so they are best equipped to help you pass your drive test first time. Click on the link to see what package is best for you.

Do it now! πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Get things rolling before they roll over you. Find out if you need to take the tests or simply change over your licence, and book your appointment with VicRoads.
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