There are many reasons why someone may consider getting a drivers licence in Melbourne and also reasons why someone may not. In any case, gaining a drivers licence in Melbourne will give the licence holder freedom to drive where they need to go to and complete any tasks or errands one may have. It also allows for short and long trips to be made in and around Melbourne or even further into regional Victoria and even maybe interstate. A drivers licence from Victoria can also allow someone to drive overseas (in some overseas locations an international licence may be required). Holding an Australian licence is a powerful licence to have as it is recognised in a majority of countries around the world. Gaining perspective on why having a drivers licence may be important to someone is essentially the driving reason to do it. As a well established driving school in  Melbourne now for over 21 years our instructors have experienced many types of people applying to get their licence for many different reasons. What we as a driving school have gained in terms of perspective over all these years and thousands of learners trained and oversees licence holders converting licences  is that our graduates are overjoyed when gaining their Victorian drivers licence. Its is still one of the biggest achievements of ones life to be able to drive a car on their own. Have you got a reason why a licence would change your life ? If so, it is vital to remember it is never about the right to drive, it should always be a privilege to drive and safety must always come first.