I want to buy a gift voucher, what should I do and will you send it to me?

You can purchase any service from our website and print out a gift voucher which will be sent as a file on your purchase receipt email for you to download and print on your computer. Please follow the steps outlined under our gift voucher section.
I’m very nervous about my driving lesson or driving test. Is that okay?

Most leaners are very nervous; driving is multitasking while learning in a moving classroom. Our instructors are friendly and patient and will make you feel relaxed to learn giving you simple and clear directions.
I have an overseas licence. Can you help me?

Of course we can. Please call us and we’ll get you your licence with minimum fuss. We are the overseas licence conversion experts.
I have a test booked. Can you help me?

Yes. Please telephone our operator or book online and we’ll send an available instructor that is in your area.
How long is the VicRoads driving test as of 1st July, 2008?

The new VicRoads driving test now 35 – 40 minutes, almost double the previous test time. It has 2 stages which vary in difficulty. Applicants must be successful in stage one to progress to stage 2. Please ask your Driving Zone instructor for more details on VicRoads driving test criteria.
How long are the lessons?

Single lesson is 45 minutes and a double is 90 minutes. We also have 60 minute lessons which are very popular for completing test routes with ease. Lesson can begin from an agreed address with your instructor eg. home, school or work and sometimes your nearest VicRoads.
What transmission should I learn to drive with- Auto or Manual?

Personal preference.
Auto can be easier to learn as there is no gear changing and take off requires no clutch control. Once you obtain your auto licence however you cannot drive any other vehicle apart from auto for the probationary period of 3 years (can also be up to 4 years if you get red P’s for a whole year first). If you obtain your manual licence, you can drive both.
Note: Planning a career in the Police force, Army, Paramedic or Transport Industry and a lot of the trade industry requires a manual licence.
What are the VicRoads fees that I should be aware of?

Perception Hazard Test $33.70
Practical driving test appointment fee $57.70
3 year probationary licence fee of $74
4 year probationary licence fee of $98.40
10 year probationary licence fee of $253.60
What areas does Driving Zone cover?

The city of Port Phillip and CBD including surrounding suburbs such as Carlton and North Melbourne. Please refer to our suburb list located on the top menu bar on the home page. We come to you, e.g. home, school, or work.
How many lessons do I need before going for my driving test?

There is no amount of lessons required by law, however everyone has a different learning ability. Some people may only need a few and others require more. Another factor is the consistency of lessons and previous experience.
I’m a parent of a 20 year old. Does the new Graduated Licensing System affect my kid?

Yes. For people under 21 years. The requirement is to have plenty of driving experience (at least 120 hours recorded in log book) in many road conditions, which must include night driving. Our instructors are comprehensively trained with the new testing requirements. We will assist your child to have all the skills to become a safe driver and pass the test.
Why do a double lesson?

Double lessons are helpful if you are traveling from your place to you’re nearest VicRoads to learn the testing routes, and some students need longer to “warm up”. Many students find that double lessons are more effective because they can learn more.
Why do I need a Log Book?

The Log Book is issued to all learner drivers between 18 and 20 years of age. The learner driver is required to record the number of hours of driving, types of driving, and roads and conditions. Learner drivers must have a minimum of 10 hours of night driving. Driving Zone instructors are logbook experts and can show learner’s what’s needed. See more details at the VicRoads website.
Why are you’re prices competitive?

Driving Zone Instructors are all based locally within your suburbs, eliminating excessive traveling expenses that other schools pass on to you. Driving Zone instructors are not part timers, they are all professional full time instructors that are available during business hours and some before and after business ours and all weekend.