Q: How do I get the $65 online booking special?

A: Must book online using the booking form.


Q: Is the $65 online booking special for me?

A: You can make a booking online leave all your details (provided you have a learners permit card issued by VicRoads) then you are entitled to our “promotional special offer” $65 for 60minutes for your first lesson (Auto or Manual). Our regular prices for single lessons thereafter are listed on our prices page or booking form.


Q: Do the Discount Packages have any Terms and Conditions?

A: Yes , please go to the Terms and Conditions page to review before booking or buying online.


Q: What’s this $65 special?

A: It’s only the First Initial Lesson

Provided you have a learners Permit and make the Booking Online.


Q: I’m a student looking for a student discount, do you provide that?

A: Yes we do. We have a 90 minute individual student discount lesson available. Conditions, you must have a current valid student card.


Q: What areas does  your school cover?

A: Most Metropolitan areas in Melbourne.


Q: What happens after I call the call centre  to make a booking or fill in the online booking form?

A: Your booking request will be sent to one of our available instructors in your area to contact you and make a booking via call and text. We will also ask for your email (from our call centre and request it on the online booking form) to have our admin team email you with any further details regarding your booking if necessary. Our instructors call within 4 hours during business hours after receiving the booking request. If your booking has been left after hours the instructor will contact you on the following business day.


Q: I have an Overseas licence, can I drive with one of your instructors?

A: Yes, we cater for international licence holders needing to drive safely on our roads and also guide international licence holders through the licence conversion process (Overseas to Victorian licence). We have catered lessons and drive test preparation packs to suit every level. Please look at our Overseas Licence conversion packages or simply begin the journey with a lesson


Q: Do you have packages?

A: Yes we do. Please check out the Discount Packs, Express Test packs, Overseas Licence changeover packs.


Q: What is the order ID and why am I being asked for it?

A: If you purchase an individual lesson or pack from our online store you will receive a confirmation email with the details of purchase (you also receive a voucher which is printable) and attached to your order and written on your voucher is the order ID number. This is the number that identifies your lesson purchase or pack purchase you have received when you use the booking form to book or when you  speak to one of our instructors to make your  booking. Please check your spam folder if you have not received this email or contact the school.


Q: How do I make a booking once I purchase a lesson or package from online store?

A: Please use the online booking form and select prepaid lesson or lesson pack and fill in the order ID number of your purchase. You can always call us to make the booking if you need to however the booking form is the quickest way.


Q: I have booked a driving test and need an instructor. Can you help me?

A: Please contact the school to find an available Driving Instructor to take you for your test. Please have the Vicroads testing location including date and time available to make the process quicker.


Q: What’s the right transmission for me?

A: Automatic is the popular favourite  and is generally easier to pick up. Manual is more involved and takes a bit more time to get the hang of. Depending on some skilled job requirements Manual may be the right choice for you eg. Police, Fire Brigade, Trades etc. Automatic carries a condition of 3 to 4 years (depending at what age you get your P’s) of Automatic car driving only.


Q: What lesson is right for me?

A: We have a range of lessons ranging from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Depending on your level of focus and ability to absorb with your level of concentration any of these may be right for you. We suggest 60 minute lessons to start off to assess  and go from there.


Q: What is required for the log Application and who does it apply to?

A: The Log Application is called MyLearners and is downloadable from app stores. It is required for drivers in the age range of 16 to 20. 120 hours must be recorded on the app with driving supervisors/instructors. This includes 20 hours of night driving. The requirement to complete this amount of driving practice and experience in as many differing conditions as possible is to make young drivers safer on our roads. You cannot do your driving test if you are in that date range without completing the 120 hours.


Q: Whats the driving test fee and what does it involve?

A: The driving test fee is $210 and it includes a 1 hour warmup before your test on the day of your test. we aslo have a 90 minute warmup and test option as well for $245.


Q: How many lessons do I need to do my driving test and get my licence?

A: There is no minimum amount of driving lessons required by Victorian law. It varies between people, some may need more than others. It also depends on the frequency of lessons, transmission type and peoples ability to learn. Our instructors cater for all learning styles and make sure you are not only ready for the drive test but also most importantly a safe driver on our roads.


Q: How long is the VIcRoads drive test and how is it marked?

A: The VicRoads Drive test takes approximately 35-40 minutes. It involves a eye sight check, a pre-operational check and a driving practical test. It is marked against VicRoads driving test criteria. Our instructors are experts in this process and will assist you in every way to be successful on your test day.


Q: How soon can I book in for a lesson?

A: it generally takes 4 to 7 days if not sooner.


Q: Why can’t I do lessons with Discount Packs after hours and on weekends (excluding weekend pack)?

A: Our Discount packs are designed for low peak hours and cater for uni students/unemployed. Pay as you go would be suggested if these hours do not suit your needs.


Q: I am nervous to do a lesson. Is that normal?

A: Most of the time yes. Our expert trainers are there to help you get over the nerves and normalise driving and make you enjoy it all the way towards your driving test.


Q: Do we come to you or do you pick up from home or work?

A: Our instructors come to you to pick up from home or another location as long as it is specified and agreed upon.


Q: Do you teach Manual?

A: Yes we do however our Manual instructors are less and have limited time to travel as they cover bigger areas. Please call the school or book online first to see if we have an available Manual instructor for you.


Q: What testing stations do you cover?


Broadmedows: Johnstone St.

Bundoora: University Hill, 8 Graduate Rd.

Burwood East: 12 Lakeside Dr.

Carlton: 459 Lygon St.

Dandenong: 72-74 Greens Rd.

Deer Park: 1/85 Mt Derrimut Rd.

Frankston: 71 Hartnett Dr.

Heatherton: 77 Corporate Dr.

Mooroolbark: 1/191 Hull Rd

Pakenham:  3/4 Stephenson St.

Werribee: 205 Watton St.

Sunbury: Hume City Council Building. 7/36 Macedon St.


New (Pop Up) Vicroads testing locations we cover :

Box Hill


Essendon Fields




South Morang



Q: Do you have female instructors every location?

A: No , but we do have female instructors. Please contact the school to find out if we have a female instructor in your location.