You have passed your driving test and can finally hit the road on your own. Don't get too confident though. Did you know that new drivers are statistically more likely to have car accidents. So make sure you stay safe on the roads by knowing all the rules and restrictions that apply to you. There are two kinds of probationary licences in Victoria: P1 (red P plate), This period begins once you pass your driving test if you are under the age of 21, and can last up to 12months. Your P1 licence automatically changes to a P2 licence once you turn 21 years of age. This probationary period may extend if you receive certain fines which incur a loss of demerit points and with driving suspensions for careless driving matters. P2 (green P plate), This period begins once your P1 period is completed successfully and lasts for 3 years if no fines or suspensions extend it through the loss of demerit points or careless driving matters.